"Beyond the Pale"

Musiktheater - work in progress


Naive 19-year-old Seersha has run away from her dysfunctional family in the city, and is looking for a fresh start in the country. She’s got a job as live-in companion to Missus - a lonely middle-aged lady.

But Seersha's sweet delusions of country life are tested when she finds that her new home is teetering on the edge of an eight-lane motorway in a desolate “village-slash-suburb”, and her client is a foul-mouthed old tyrant. Soon, Seersha discovers that Missus is running a phone sex line. And she’s horrified to learn that Missus wants her to operate the service.

Trapped between a murky past and a very uncertain future, Seersha agrees to work for the “family business”. The only visitor to the house is Trucker – a middle-aged supermarket deliveryman. Trucker has a newly-broken marriage and nowhere to stay, so when Seersha falls in love with him, Missus is appalled. Fearing that Seersha will flee with her new boyfriend, Missus allows Trucker to move into the house. A fragile domesticity is established, only to be shattered when Trucker finds out about Seersha’s sex line. Then Missus then hints Trucker is on a sex offenders’ register. The more Trucker tries to deny or explain it, the worse it gets and Seersha throws him out.

Missus encourages the heartbroken girl to forget Trucker, and soon Seersha is dragged ever deeper into the nasty world of the sex worker. Several weeks later, Trucker returns to say a final goodbye as he’s going far away. Seersha allows him to explain himself and it becomes clear to her that the accusations against him were false. They agree to find a place together and start again.

Missus enters and to Seersha’s surprise she welcomes Trucker back with open arms. On hearing their plans, Missus plies them both with celebratory drinks, but soon the couple are so drunk they can barely stand. Missus takes advantage, kisses Trucker, drags him upstairs and has sex with him. Seersha finds them in the act is apoplectic with rage. The older woman explains that she only seduced Trucker to show Seersha his true nature. She pleads with Seersha to throw him out. Seersha refuses and leaves with Trucker, saying she’ll never to return. In a blind rage, Missus rampages through the house destroying everything. She stumbles up stairs and collapses.

Some months later, Seersha returns to the house, on her own and pregnant and needing somewhere to stay. The place is still destroyed. She calls out to Missus but there’s no answer. Seersha climbs the stairs, calling to Missus but getting no reply.

[Autor: Tom Swift]