Benjamin Scheuer's music is all about sensuality and humor. Both staged and concert pieces contain theatrical elements and often evoke an atmosphere of darkly colored playfulness.

In his works found objects from daily live are frequently being presented on stage - either live or sampled: Scheuer nevertheless doesn't consider himself to be a composer of electronic music but rather focuses on a world of "live-electrics" in which sounds are produced with the easiest and most economic means possible. His main interest is the human being playing music with its individual characteristic and its tendency to fail whilst technology just serves a as tool.

Benjamin Scheuer studied in Hamburg and Karlsruhe, amongst his teachers is Wolfgang Rihm. Each year his compositions are performed by renowned ensembles in many different countries. In 2012 his piece "Zeitraum" was premiered by 600 musicians at the soccer stadium of Hannover. His "Notfallkonzerte" [emergency concerts], held from 2012-14 in public spaces, were a small and modest attempt to save the world with music from today.

Benjamin Scheuer lives and works in Hamburg as a freelance composer. He is founding member of Musicians without Borders (MoG) and regularly travels to Ecuador volunteering as music teacher.